acceptera alkoholtillstånd

Meet everybody

  • Janåke Johansson

    Founder – Member of the Board

    After working twenty-five years at Systembolaget I started the wine house Berntson 1990. Then followed sessions at Bibendum and Premium Wines. Now the challenge is to get a personal and genuine family feeling within janake wine group.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 55
    Mobile: +46 (0)70 550 99 21
    E-mail: janake.johansson[at]
  • Britt Johansson

    Founder - Member of the Board

    After twenty years at the Systembolaget I started my own company, Britt Johansson Wine Consult AB. I have been teaching wine for Munskänkarna and Örebro University/Restaurant Academy at Grythyttan among others. My previous assignments also in-clude Press Responsible at Bibendum and Product Manager and Press handling at Premium Wines.

    Mobile: +46 (0)70 632 35 14
    E-mail: britt.johansson[at]
  • Ulf Barkman


    Ulf is a well-known Swedish businessman, wine collector and restaurateur with interests in ten of Stockholm’s top restaurants. I have been a close friend to all above for a very long time. Now I am the Chairman of the company.

    Mobile: 46(0)70 958 18 00
    E-mail: ulf.barkman[at]
  • Stellan Lagerstedt

    CEO / Partner

    I have been working together with Janåke and Britt as well as Jesper earlier, at Systembolaget, Berntson and Bibendum. Previously I had an assignment as Logistic Manager and IT-Manager at Pernod Ricard Sweden. Now I am back in the real wine business again.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 70
    Mobile: +46 (0)708 566 516
    E-mail: stellan.lagerstedt[at]
  • Linda Abrahamsson

    Product Manager

    I have previous worked at Systembolaget and at Britt Johansson Wine Consult AB. Now I have joined the family business as Product Manager. Goal-directed.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 61
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 544 00 61
    E-mail: linda.abrahamsson[at]
  • Thorbjörn Ludvigsson

    Product Manager

    My time in the wine business started 1984 at Systembolaget where I worked for 12 years. It was during this time my roads crossed Janåke and Britt´s. I have also spent another 15 years as an employee and running my own company in the wine business.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 62
    Mobile: +46 (0)708 90 08 08
    E-mail: thorbjorn.ludvigsson[at]
  • Jesper Flink

    Sales Manager/Product Manager

    I have been working at Systembolaget, and at Bibendum and Pernod Ricard as Sales Representative. Now I am Product Manager in the family business. Sales Rep of the year 2005 at Bibendum.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 80
    Mobile: +46 (0)70 714 18 22
    E-mail: jesper.flink[at]
  • Christer Hallström

    Sales Representative

    I worked as a sommelier and restaurant manager before I started in the Wine & Spirit business. The last fifteen years I have been working with product- and sales management in wholesale Wine & Spirits, Zoegas Coffee and as an Account Manager Hotels at Primewine.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 82
    Mobile: +46(0)76 544 00 82
    E-mail: christer.hallstrom[at]
  • Eric Duarte Martins

    Sales Representative

    My background is in the restaurant industry but I got there completely by chance. The original plan was to study chemistry but working part time at restaurants and bars was more fun than writing tedious lab reports. I have an ongoing love affair with sherry wines so when the opportunity arose to work with one of the most exciting new bodegas (by Jerez standards at least) I decided to leave the bar at Restaurant AG and join the HoReCa sales team at janake wine group.

    Mobile: +46 (0)70-3652113
  • Nicklas Marklund

    Sales Representative

    I have a background in the hotel and restaurant business for 13 years. There, I worked at several top restaurants and hotels where I had the chance to develop my passion for noble beverages and food. 2006 I went over to the wine and spirits business when I became Sales Representative at Premium Wines. It feels wonderful to work today at Janake Wine Group with all the inspiring colleagues and all the awesome wine and spirits producers that we work with.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 85
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 544 00 85
    E-mail: nicklas.marklund[at]
  • Matts Björke

    Sales Representative

    I started working at Systembolaget in 1970 and stayed for 35 years. During this period I have been store manager in 30 years. I met Janåke at a management education course. The years has given me a burning interest for wine and I joined Munskänkarna in 1977.

    Mobile: +46 (0)70 265 28 78
    E-mail: matts.bjorke[at]
  • Jeanette Noreskog

    Marketing / Administration / Wine Fairs / Janake Wine Club / Advertising

    After over twenty years at Strömbergs I decided to change work and start working with my family and old friends. I work with wine fairs, the wine club, the daily book keeping and advertising.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 71
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 544 00 71
    E-mail: jeanette.abrahamsson[at]
  • Therese Abrahamsson

    Website / Marketing Assistant

    I studied business and administration for three years. In 2009 I worked with a special project about The Wine History of South Africa, which started my wine interest. After working as trainee, I want to develop this. Working currently with our website but hope to work more with the products in the future.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 73
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 544 00 73
    E-mail: therese.abrahamsson[at]
  • Magnus Wallin

    Logistics and Market Analysis

    I started in the wine trade in the middle of the Eighties. Keen on testing new challenging I have had several different titles on my visit card during the years. A genuine wine and food interest, a big heart for the trade I am so much at home here at janake wine group. If I forgot to say: I am a fan for the monopoly.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 72
    Mobile: +46 (0)76 544 00 72
    E-mail: magnus.wallin[at]
  • Marita Björk

    Accounting Manager

    After almost 27 years at Axla in the accounting industry, it was time for me to change direction.
    Then I always had a keen interest in wine and dedicated personal commitment, it’s now  a great pleasure for me to be involved in developing the finance function at  janake wine group.
    I have a Bachelor of Science in business administration and economics from 1990 and a number of advanced courses over the years in the accounting industry, look forward with great confidence to my new role at janake wine group.

    Phone: +46 (0)8 586 440 50
    Mobile: +46 (0)70 259 55 45
    E-mail: marita.bjork[at]