acceptera alkoholtillstånd


Our philosophy
We aim to work with a limited number of producers with a profile built around personalities. We are totally honest advisors and believe that we try harder than anyone else in the business. During the years this way of practice has lead to personal relationships with many of our producers. Together we share the good times as well as the bad times.

Long-term perspective
Through the years we have learned the importance of a long-term perspective. To build a brand and create demand on the market takes both time and effort. With janake wine group our producers get a professional and experienced partner.
Now we invite you to share that special janake feeling that many of our producer friends widely acclaim. With us you will experience total commitment. We will be your eyes, ears and hands on the Swedish market. As a bonus we will probably have loads of fun together.

To work with us
janake wine group is a family oriented company where all of us are longing to get back to the basics of wine trading. We have a profound passion for our collection and our producers. Our team will always be at your disposal. We may be new as a company but we have a long history, lots of experience and a deep understanding for the complexities in the wine & spirit business. Work with us and in return we promise you a rewarding collaboration.